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How do I add a new user to the team?
How do I add a new user to the team?

How to add users to your BrandBot account.

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Your team is a very important part of your business. Getting the right people set up in BrandBot will be key. Depending on your situation, this could mean marketing managers, front desk staff, or even just you!
We recommend that each individual who will be using BrandBot is set up with their own user account. This will allow you and your team to take full advantage of all of the internal organization tools BrandBot offers, such as phone calls and task reminders.

To add a new user, begin by navigating to your studio name in the top-right and select Team.

Click Add a new Team Member in the top-right.

Next, input the required information: Email Address, First Name, Last Name, and Permissions level.

User Permissions Levels

  • Creator: This is the lowest level of access. Creators have access to all of the features in BrandBot, (create emails, auto-campaigns, create landing pages, etc.) but cannot make adjustments to the team or billing information.

  • Manager: Managers have all the permissions of a Creator but can also make adjustments to billing information.

  • Admin: This is the highest level of access. Admins have all the permissions of a Manager but can also make adjustments to the team.

When all of the information has been entered, click Invite.

Once the team member has been added, they will show in your list of Team Members. However, their status will show as Invitation Sent until they go through the confirmation process.

Advise your new team member to look out for a confirmation email from BrandBot (hint: this could be hiding in spam, junk, etc.) If they are not able to track down the email, please reach out to our Support Chat for assistance.

Click here to learn how to edit or remove users from your account.

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