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General Xplor Growth Questions
Xplor Growth 101
Account & Settings

Settings lay the foundation and groundwork for Xplor Growth. It's a great place to start in terms of getting set up! You can add team members, create user groups, and more.

Xplor Growth Terms

Become familiar with some commonly used terms

The Calendar: Scheduled Emails & Tasks

The calendar is a great place to see all tasks, phone call reminders, and scheduled emails in one place.

Scheduled Plans

Campaigns that constantly evaluate client activity and automatically communicate with them based on their behavior!

Contact Management

Import Your Contacts From Your Past Email Provider


Organize your contacts with segments!

Landing Pages

Checkout pages that clients can purchase services from your studio!

Forms & Waivers

Easily collect new leads and waivers

Livestream Manager

Send class reminders to your clients with custom messaging!

Email Templates & Other Assets
Mariana Tek Conditions Defined

Conditions are the lifeblood to segments and campaigns! This documentation provides the definition of the condition, and some practical use cases!

SMS in Xplor Growth
HQ Accounts

Key information for businesses that utilize an HQ account


Getting set-up on Marketing Automation

Franchise Fee Portal

Franchise Fee Management

Transactional Messaging
Feedback Tools
Gamification Suite