How to Update Your Branding

How to update your default logo, font, and colors.

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Your branding is important - it’s what makes your studio unique!

To access your branding settings, navigate to your business name in the top-right > Settings > Company Brand > Let’s get the brand back together!

Logo Settings

The perfect logo is a .PNG or .JPEG that is at least 600px wide.

  • To add or update your logo, click “Upload” and select the image you’d like to upload.

  • Determine the width of your logo (px, pixels)

Color & Font

  • Choose your most used color

  • Choose your most used font

After making your updates, click Save my brand. To the right, you’ll see a preview of what an email will look like with your current branding settings.

For more advanced branding settings, check out this article.

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