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Livestream Manager: Notifications Toggle
Livestream Manager: Notifications Toggle

Wondering what that "Turn on all notifications" toggle button does? Read on!

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What is the Purpose of this Button?

In looking at your Class Schedule in Livestream Manager, you may have noticed the small "Turn on all notifications" toggle button in the top-right. This serves a very special purpose!

This toggle button is a quick and easy way to toggle all of the classes visible on your schedule to "Exclude" instead of "Virtual."

  • This is a great step to take if your studio is primarily offering in-person classes so that you don't have to go class by class and exclude the majority of your classes that you won't be sending reminders for.

  • On the other hand, if the majority of your classes are virtual, you will probably find it more convenient to leave the schedule as is!

  • *Important: This is not a default you are setting; toggling this button one time does not exclude all of your classes going forward. This is simply going to convert all classes listed on that page of your schedule from toggled on as "Virtual" to toggled off as "Excluded."

Let's walk through an example together...

Let's say you have fifty classes a week, and forty of those classes are in-person and therefore need to be excluded from sending reminders. The notifications toggle button allows you to exclude all of that current week's classes with one swift click vs. having to exclude them one 1 by 1. This way, you will just have to individually toggle on the ten classes that are virtual vs. having to individually exclude the forty that are not.

Something to Note

This toggle button does not affect whether reminders are turned on for your account. This is the job of the master "Turn Off (On) for My Account" button that sits just above it. The "Turn Off (On) for My Account" button is used to tell whether you want class reminders sent for your account in general.

The toggle button below it is simply to make your Livestream setup process faster and easier by letting you exclude your in-person classes in bulk vs. having to exclude them individually.

Have additional questions on this? Click the blue chat icon in the bottom-right and please let us know how we can help!

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