Advanced Branding Settings

How to configure your advanced branding settings.

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Your branding is your studio's identity, every element you build in Xplor Growth must be consistent with your brand. If you are just looking to update your logo or default font and color, check out this article!

However, if you are looking to go a step further and access advanced branding settings for your account, the tutorial and steps below will outline this process.

Accessing your Advanced Company Brand Settings

To access the advanced company brand settings, you'll need to set up a mock scheduled email!

  • Navigate to Calendar > click Create New in the top-right > select Scheduled Email

  • Build a scheduled email as normal - name the email, schedule it, and select any of the design templates listed.

  • Once you have a template pulled in, you'll see Company Brand in the top-right > click here to access these settings!

*Note: The selections you make here are going to be set as default settings for any emails you create going forward.

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