Visits Remaining
This condition allows you to target based on how many visits off a credit package are remaining! A visit is an actually check-in
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In Mariana Tek, a visit is exhausted on reservation - the visits remaining condition specifically looks at check-ins, not reservations.

For example, if I buy a 5 pack on Monday and immediately reserve 4 classes, according to Mariana Tek, I have 1 visit remaining. In regards to the visits remaining condition, on Monday, I will have 5 visits remaining because I have not signed-in to any of those classes.

It's important to note that expired credit packages with visits remaining will not be recognized by this condition.

This condition can be used in a couple different ways!

  • Within an autocampaign, it allows you to target people when they are running low on a classpack! You can use visits remaining is 1, and leave the filter on credit package off to retarget anyone with 1 credit remaining, or filter on credit package to target them in greater detail!

  • Within a segment, it allows you to create a list of everyone with 1 visit to target them with a one-off flash sale to convert them to a subsequent credit package!

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