Made a Purchase
This condition allows you to filter based off of who has/has not made a purchase!
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The made a purchase condition allows you to create a campaign or segment based off clients who have or have not made any, or a specific purchase.

This condition allows you to filter on date of purchase, purchase type, and purchase location.

Within the context of segment, this is a fantastic condition to use to pull a list of clients who have not made a purchase ever, so you can target them with an offer!

There are a lot of options for using this condition in an autocampaign!

  • You can enroll a client based off of a specific purchase, and in conjunction with future reservation as a goal, target clients who have purchased an intro offer but have not yet reserved their first class

  • You can also use this condition as a goal, with a condition like new profile in Mariana Tek to target clients who create profiles in MT, but have not purchased your intro offer yet.

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