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HQ Waivers for Mariana Tek Clients
HQ Waivers for Mariana Tek Clients

Setting up required waivers in HQ accounts for Mariana Tek Clients

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BrandBot users who are integrated with Mariana Tek have the option to set a required waiver in BrandBot. This waiver is hosted by BrandBot but is synced with Mariana Tek to ensure clients being signed into class through Mariana Tek have filled out the required documentation.

If there is a particular waiver you are looking to have across the franchise, you can create it at the HQ level and manually connect it to each franchisee account.

Creating the Waiver in the HQ Account

1. Log into your HQ account.

2. In the top navigation bar, click Apps.

3. On the Apps page, click into Waivers.

4. Create a new waiver and ensure it is marked as required. Check out these articles to learn more about creating a new waiver and integrating the waiver with Mariana Tek.

Creating the Waiver in Franchisee Accounts

1. Log into the franchisee account.

2. Navigate to Apps > Waivers.

3. Create a new waiver. In the Liability Waiver section, input any location-specific liability language if necessary.

4. In left-hand menu, navigate to Advanced Options.

5. In the Advanced Options, select Link to Existing Mariana Tek Waiver > select the HQ waiver.

Now, whenever a client signs a franchisee waiver, this will count them as signing the waiver at the HQ level.

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