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How do I manage my account notifications?
How do I manage my account notifications?
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Notifications are a great way to stay on top of your to-do tasks in BrandBot, as well as to ensure you are aware of any incoming SMS messages.

To turn on/modify your notifications, navigate to your business name in the top-right > Settings > User Settings > select Notifications.

*Note: Each user on the account will need to set up notifications for their account individually. If you'd like other teammates to mirror your settings, they will need to log in under their own credentials and set up their user notifications accordingly.

Under Notifications, you will see two notifications options to alert you by email when...

  • a task, phone call reminder, or scheduled email is assigned to you.

    To learn more about task management in BrandBot, check out this article.

  • there is an unread SMS in the inbox.

    To learn more about SMS in BrandBot, check out this article.

If you turn on notifications here, you will receive these notifications by email to the email address you use to log in. If you have notifications turned on and are not receiving these emails accordingly, please check your spam/junk folders to see if they are being filtered there.

*Note: Users with access to multiple site locations will need to access each individual account to specify notification preferences.

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