What is an Entry Rule?
Written by Harry Rintoul
Updated over a week ago

Your auto-campaigns entry rule is always the first thing that should be set up. This determines which contacts enter into the campaign and receive your automated messaging.

First determine which of your contacts you want to receive messages from this campaign and at what point should they start receiving the messaging.

Most entry rules will be based on contacts taking a certain action, such as completing their first visit or purchasing a 5 class pack.

Sometimes, entry rules can be based on contacts not taking a certain action, such as not visiting in 30 days. Whatever your intention for the campaign, establishing the correct entry rule will set your campaign up for success.

Once you have created your auto-campaign, setting up your entry rule will be the first step. If you haven't yet created your auto-campaign, log into BrandBot and navigate to the Auto-Campaigns tab in the navigation menu > click Create an Auto-Campaign at the top-right of the screen.

Once you have created and named your auto-campaign, it's time to set up your entry rule. BrandBot will prompt you with the question: Who should enter this auto-campaign?

Click here to learn more about which Entry Rule(s) will work for your campaign.

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