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What are Auto-Campaign Goals?

Learn about Auto-Campaign Goals?

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While your entry rule determines which contacts are pulled into a campaign and when your goal determines when a client is pulled out. Selecting the appropriate goal for your auto-campaign is key for two reasons:

  • To ensure contacts stop receiving communications from that particular campaign when they have taken the desired action.

  • To accurately track conversion data and provide visibility to the efficacy of your campaign, messaging, and any relevant offers.

Some common goals are:

  • Making a follow-up purchase

  • Becoming a member

  • Making a reservation

  • Taking a class

It's important to note that not all auto campaigns will require goals.

For instance, if you are simply sending a client a welcome text message to ask how their first class was, you aren't necessarily trying to get them to take certain actions with this messaging - you are simply engaging them as a client. In this instance of sending one automated welcome message to your new clients, you likely don't need a goal for your campaign. In this instance, you would want to select No here.

To learn more about how to add goal(s) to your auto campaigns, click here.

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