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How do I set my auto-campaign live?

Turn on an auto-campaign

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Once you have set up your entry rule and goal(s) and have added any relevant auto-messages and/or auto-actions, you will be able to set your campaign as live.

*Note: If your campaign has been sitting idle (either in draft mode or paused) for some time, we highly recommend re-saving your entry rule to bring the campaign up to date.

First, make sure all of your auto-messages and/or auto-actions have been set live. To set them live, you will click into each of them individually and click the green Set Live button at the top-right of the screen. Once activated, these messages and actions should show as green and "Active" within the campaign.

Once you have turned on all of your auto-messages and/or auto-actions within the campaign, click into the campaign and click the green master Set Live button at the top-right.

*Note: You will likely not see contacts pull in immediately. Remember, auto-campaigns are forward-looking by nature. Only clients who meet the campaign entry rule going forward will be pulled into the campaign.


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