Custom Email Domain Authentication

Custom Email Domain Authentication

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In response to announcements from Google and Yahoo, sending email addresses will be required to have an authenticated email domain as a result of email providers such as and others' increased efforts to reduce unsolicited messages from reaching customer inboxes.

No immediate action is needed from you today and we will be in touch with more details in the coming months.

What is email domain authentication?

Email domain authentication acts as an identifier for your business and increases email deliverability.

What are Google and Yahoo's new email sending guidelines?

Utilize Our Domain or Your Custom Domain

You will have the option of using your own domain or ours! If you chose to use our domain, your sending or 'from' email address will appear in the following format:

Self-Service Custom Email Domain Authentication

We are building an in-app feature where you can self-service custom email authentication. In the meantime, if you would like to utilize your domain as soon as possible, please use the below link to book a call with our support team.

Below are helpful resources to understand what the process of email domain authentication entails and the information you will need for common email/web hosts.

How to Add DMARK/DKIM/SPF for Common Email Providers:




How to Manage DNS Records with Common Domain Providers:

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