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BrandBot 101: Schedule Plans
BrandBot 101: Schedule Plans
What is a scheduled plan and why are they helpful?
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A huge part of executing a successful sales promotion or running a smooth event is having an organized and thoughtful plan of action. Scheduled Plans allows you to organize any tasks and scheduled email communications you need to complete for your event or sale.

To create a scheduled plan, click on Scheduled Plans in the top navigation bar.

Once in Scheduled Plans, click Create a Scheduled Plan in the top-right > select Create from Scratch and name your scheduled plan.

Once you've created your scheduled plan, you can start adding the scheduled emails and tasks that need to be completed for your event or sale. Click Add To in the top-right to add Scheduled Emails, Tasks, and Phone Call Reminders. You will create these here just as you would a scheduled email or task from the Calendar.

You can assign any aspects of your Scheduled Plan to members of your team to ensure they are completed in a timely manner. You can do so by clicking into the email or task and navigate to the assignment section to select a user or user group you'd like to assign this to.

Any scheduled emails or tasks you create will show accordingly on the Calendar home-screen so your team is aware of what needs to be done without even having to click into the scheduled plan!

Once you've planned out all of the email communications and to-do's surrounding your event/sale, your scheduled plan will allow you to stay on track so your event/sale is executed successfully!

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