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How do I create a new User Group?
How do I create a new User Group?

How to organize your team into User Groups.

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If you are using BrandBot to generate tasks and phone call reminders for your team, you may find that you want to assign a certain "to-do" to more than one user.

For instance, you may want to assign a task to your entire front-desk staff instead of one individual team member. Utilizing User Groups can help you accomplish this by organizing your team members into relevant groups.

Creating a New User Group

To create a new user group, navigate to your studio name in the top-right > click Settings > select User Groups in the left-hand menu. Once in User Groups, click Create a New User Group in the top-right.

Next, name your User Group accordingly > click Create.

Adding Users to a User Group

Once you've created your User Group, you can add the relevant users. Navigate to the User Group you'd like to add to and click Add to Group.

In the dropdown, select the teammates you'd like to add to your User Group. If you don't see a user here that you'd like to add to your group, navigate to Settings > Team to add them as a user.

Once added, you'll be able to see the full list of users in the User Group and their permissions levels.

Click here to learn about editing or deleting User Groups.

Click here to learn about removing a team member from a User Group.

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