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How to Configure Email Settings
How to Configure Email Settings

How to set up your sending profile and email footer.

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Your sending profile and footer are key, client-facing aspects that show on any email you send from Xplor Growth. This information is part of your brand - it lets your audience know who the email is coming from and allows them to reply as needed.

To access your email settings, navigate to your business name in the top-right > Settings > Emails.

Verified Emails

To set up your Default Sending Profile, you will need to first verify the email address(es) you'd like to send from. The first user set up in your account will automatically be added as a verified email address to send from.

An email address does not need to exist as a user in Xplor Growth for it to be a verified email. For instance, if you have an instructor email address that you would like to send emails from but do not want/need your instructors to access Xplor Growth, they can be set up as verified email addresses without being added to your team in the platform.

To add a new verified email address, click Add another verified email address. The owner of the email address will receive a confirmation email and will need to complete a quick verification process.

If you are having any issues with this process, please reach out to our Support Team.

Default Sending Profile

Once you have the relevant email addresses verified, you can set up your Default Sending Profile. The email address you set up here will automatically apply to any emails you send from Xplor Growth. However, you will always have the option to send an individual email from another verified email address in the account.

If you ever need to change the email address set up in your default sending profile, you can make your updates and click Apply to Existing Items to apply this change to any existing emails you have set up to send from Xplor Growth. If you don't make this selection, your updates will only apply to new emails that are created going forward.

Footer Settings

Your Footer provides important information to your clients - where to find you! Similar to the Default Sending Profile, this will automatically populate at the bottom of any emails you are sending from Xplor Growth.

*Note: You can only have ONE address in your footer.

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