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How to configure your general settings for Landing Pages.

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To utilize the Landing Page feature, you must first complete the landing page settings.
โ€‹*Note: Landing pages are currently unavailable for Pike13 clients.

Begin by clicking your site location or initials > Settings > Landing Pages.

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First, you'll select your currency from the drop-down. Next, you'll provide a Help Number and Help Email, in case your contacts need assistance when checking out.

Because the landing pages allow purchases to be made through your booking software, it's important that Xplor Growth displays the same liability information that a client would see when checking out through the booking software.

For clients utilizing Mindbody Online, a liability waiver is required.

For clients utilizing Mariana Tek, the liability waiver does not need to be added HOWEVER, you must input something into the text field " - " or "N/A".

Lastly, if you have not previously set up your branding, you will need to configure the last four settings at the bottom. If your branding has already been set up, you can skip these settings.

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