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How do I create a scheduled plan?
How do I create a scheduled plan?
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Creating the Scheduled Plan

  1. Navigate to Scheduled Plans from the top navigation bar.

  2. Click Create a Scheduled Plan at the top right of the screen > Create from Scratch > name your plan.

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Adding Scheduled Emails and Task to the Scheduled Plan

  1. Select Add To at the top and select either:

    • Scheduled Emails

    • Task

    • Phone Call Reminder

  2. If you'd like to assign any aspect of your plan to a team member, click into the email or task and navigate to the assignment section > select a user or user group to assign to.

  3. Any scheduled emails or tasks you create will display on the Calendar home-screen. This way, your team is always aware of what needs to be done without ever clicking into the scheduled plan.

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