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How do I set up goals for my auto-campaign?
How do I set up goals for my auto-campaign?

Adding goals to your auto-campaign

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If you include goal(s) in your auto-campaign, scroll to the Goal section below your entry rule. By default, this area will be set to "No". To change this, click Edit > select Yes.

Next, name your goal accordingly.

For example, if you plan to remove contacts when they make a follow-up purchase, name your goal "Follow-Up Purchase." Once you type the name, click Enter on your keyboard to lock in the change.

Selecting your Goal Condition

Quick Options

There will be several Quick Options conditions - these are commonly used conditions already set up for you for convenience. If you aren't seeing the condition you want in this list or aren't sure of what will be the best option for you, click Custom Rule at the bottom to see the full list of conditions.

Custom Rule

Custom rules will give you access to conditions you can use to pull contacts out of your auto-campaign. Use the search bar to filter based on condition types. Depending on your booking software, the conditions may differ slightly from the image below.

Customizing your Goal Condition

Each condition has a series of drill-down options for you to customize. This gives you the ability to get specific with who you are targeting with your campaign depending on how specific you are looking to be.

Let's use our Purchased a Service condition as an example. Again, depending on your booking software, the conditions may differ slightly from the image below.

When we select this condition, the condition is pre-set to be as general as possible. There is no specific timeframe selected, and the condition is not currently filtering on any specific payment options, classes, or locations. This is great for capturing any contacts who make any purchase, at any time.

Once you've finished customizing your goal, click Save. You'll then see your goal set up within the campaign.

Using Multiple Goals

There may be instances where you want to include multiple goals in your auto-campaign.

For example, maybe you want to pull contacts out if they make a purchase OR make a future reservation. To add another goal to your auto-campaign, click Add another goal and follow the steps above for your new goal.

To learn more about editing an existing goal, check out this article!

Now that you have your goal(s) set in your auto-campaign the next step is setting up auto-messages, click here to learn what they are and how to set them up.

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