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BrandBot 101: Landing Pages for Mariana Tek
BrandBot 101: Landing Pages for Mariana Tek

Create and publish Landing Pages integrated with Mariana Tek!

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BrandBot Landing Pages are an awesome tool that allow you to target a certain audience with a specific credit, membership, or other product in Mariana Tek for a seamless, one-stop checkout process for the client! This article will walk you step-by-step through how to create, publish, and distribute a beautiful, branded landing page!

Still not convinced? Check out this article to learn the many reasons why landing pages can be such a valuable tool for your business!

Create Your Landing Page

To access Landing Pages, you'll navigate to Apps in the top bar > click into BrandBot Landing Pages

If you have not yet set up your BrandBot subdomain or Liability Waiver, your screen will show a pop-up to prevent you from going any further without adding this information! If you don't receive a pop-up, you can proceed with creating your Landing Page!

  • Subdomain: This will show in the URL for anything you publish through BrandBot. We recommend just making it your studio name (no spaces or special characters!)

  • Liability Waiver: When a client checks out in Mariana Tek, they will receive certain liability information from you around being a customer. Due to the fact that BrandBot Landing Pages are integrated with Mariana Tek, we need to display the same liability information during our landing page checkout process that someone would see if checking out in Mariana Tek!

To proceed with creating your Landing Page, click Create a Landing Page in the top-right and name your landing page (i.e. If you are selling a Drop-In credit on the landing page, you will probably want to name it Drop-In)

Landing Page Settings

Landing Page Options

The Landing Page Options is where you will determine what you are selling and to whom!

Is this for new or existing customers?

  • New Customers: If you select this option, the initial prompt will be for the client to enter information to begin creating a Mariana Tek profile. However, there will be a link below this area that will read "Already a Mariana Tek Customer? Click here to Log In." This is great when you are mainly targeting brand new clients with an intro offer or something similar.

  • Existing Customers: If you select this option, the initial prompt will be the exact opposite of the above! Customers will be initially be prompted to sign in with their Mariana Tek credentials. However, there will be an option below for them to Create an Account if don't have one yet.

What are you selling?

This is probably the most important step you will take - select what you are selling! Your BrandBot is fully integrated with Mariana Tek, so if you click any of these 3 options (Credits, Memberships, Other Products) you will be able to select from any of the relevant products in the drop-down.

Note: Landing Pages can only sell one product per landing, you cannot select multiple products here.

What Payment Gateway should be used?

This is where you select your Payment Gateway from the drop-down to allow the Landing Page to be set up properly to process purchases!

Do you want to add a discount to this package?

If you'd like to add a discount to the selected product, you can select 'Yes, add discount' here and select the relevant discount you have already created in Mariana Tek to apply it to this Landing Page.

*Note: Specific conditions tied to the Mariana Tek discount that you have created will not be applied within a BrandBot Landing Page. For example, restrictions of a discount that can only be purchased by First-Timers or specific Membership Holders or discounts that apply to multiple payment intervals of a Membership cannot be upheld when a customer purchases a product from a Landing Page. The financial discount is the only condition that transfers into the BrandBot Landing Page (i.e. $10 off or 20% off of a certain item will still apply here).

All set with your Landing Page Options? Click Save and move on to Appearance!


Time to set up the client-facing aspects of your Landing Page!

Custom Name and Description

We recommend naming your Landing Page very clearly to pertain to the product being sold! The description is a great place to provide any additional information you'd like the client to have off-the-bat (i.e. what the product entails, any restrictions or time-limits, etc.)

Add a Display Discount

If you've decided to discount the product being sold through your Landing Page, you can use this area to set up a display discount (in the form of a dollar amount) that will clearly let the client know they are receiving a deal from you! The display discount will essentially cross-out the full-price amount and will show the discounted price. Again, this does not actually discount the product being sold - a discount still needs to be added above in the Landing Page Options section!

Button Text, Color, and Help Information

This is where you can customize the color of the button, what your button displays (Buy now, Checkout, Get my Drop-in! ) as well as the Help Information that will show should your client need help checking out.

All set with your landing page Appearance? Click Save and continue onto the last section of your Landing Page Settings!

Landing Page Settings

Choose the url for your landing page

This area will allow you to customize the tail-end of your landing page URL to clearly denote to clients exactly what they are accessing! Again, you'll likely want this to pertain to the product you are selling on the landing page.

Do you want to send a customer to another page after a successful purchase?

Want to redirect clients to your website or schedule after purchase to book a class? You can set this up here! Otherwise, you can choose to show a simple success message to let clients know they checked out successfully.


Permissions will allow you to set certain parameters that dictate which clients can checkout using your landing page and when.


One way to limit who can access your landing page is through tagging. If you'd only like a certain segment of contacts to access your landing page (i.e. only members or only people who have visited more than 3 times,) you can tag those clients accordingly and only allow clients with said tag to use the landing page.

Number of Purchases

You can limit the number of times the landing page is used, either by purchases per client (i.e. client can only purchase from the page once) OR total purchases (i.e. only 50 drop-in credits total can be purchased.)

Timing of Purchases

Timing is another parameter you can use to restrict purchases on your landing page. For example, if you only want your landing page available for the week of Black Friday, you can limit access only to this week.

No Permissions Messaging

Designate the client-facing messaging someone will see if accessing the page without permission (i.e. outside of the window, if they have already purchased, etc.)

Page Design

This tab will allow you to preview what your landing page is going to look like! There is currently only one template available.


Insights will give you a great snapshot of how your landing page is performing, as well as the specifics of which clients purchased and when!

  • Purchased Amount: How much revenue has the landing page generated?

  • Started but Did Not Finish: How many people started the landing page but ultimately did not purchase? Can we target them with a send to get them back on track?

  • Recovered Sales: How many sales did we win back from those who originally abandoned?

To learn more about how you can use these landing page interactions to target customers who purchased or even those who abandoned the process, please check out this article!

Marketing Tracking

Looking to utilize a Facebook pixel in tandem with your landing page? Easily add your pixel here! More on Facebook pixels in this article from Facebook.

Registration Fields Settings

These fields are designated as required within Mariana Tek. In order for BrandBot to create a Mariana Tek profile through our Landing Pages, we must require the same information on our end!

Publish Your Landing Page

At this point, you've created your awesome landing page and have squared away any and all relevant settings, so it's time to publish!

Navigate to the Landing Page Settings tab > click Publish Page in the top-right.

Once published, you will see View my Landing Page appear to the left of the Options button > click this to be taken to your landing page where it is hosted on the web! You will notice there is a unique URL for each landing page you publish.

Distribute Your Landing Page

Now that your Landing Page has been published, it's time to share it! There are a few different ways to share your landing page with your clients, as well as prospective clients!


One of the best ways to share your landing page is by including it right in an email, whether it be a Scheduled Email you are sending to a targeted segment OR an email that is part of an Auto-Campaign! If you'd like to link your landing page with an email, simply add a button to the body of the email and link your button to the landing page!

SMS Text Message

You can easily link your landing page in an SMS text message, as well! Landing pages are mobile-responsive, so someone can easily check out right from your text message with a few clicks! Simply navigate to your published landing page > click View my Landing Page > copy the unique URL at the top > paste the URL into your text message!

Link wherever you'd like!

Each landing page has a unique URL, so you can paste this URL wherever you'd like, such as in a Facebook status, in your Instagram bio, or behind a button on your website!

Update Your Landing Page

Did you change the price of a product you are currently selling on a Landing Page? Are you adding or removing a certain restriction? Is the description changing? Feel free to make any changes you'd like, but whenever making any change to your landing page or the product being sold, you will need to take the following steps:

  • If the price of a product has changed in Mariana Tek, you will need to re-select the product with the new price

  • Save the the section or setting you are changing

  • Republish your landing page! (Note: this will not affect the URL - you do not need to update any sends that include the link to this landing page)

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