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Setting Up a Franchisee Account
Setting Up a Franchisee Account

Ensure your franchisees are set up for success!

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Each of your franchisees will need to set up their own individual Xplor Growth accounts. This setup sets the foundation for their branding, team usage, and communications as a whole. Read on to find out how to ensure your franchisee accounts are set up properly and entirely!

To get started, sign in with your Email Address & Password. You should have been prompted to create this via email.

Then, navigate to your business name in the top-right and click Settings.

Company Profile

The Company Profile houses settings that pertain to general company information, such as name and time zone. Be sure to accurately set up the following:

  • Account Name (the name of your studio.)

  • Account Time Zone

  • Website URL (this is the URL to the specific studio)

Team Members

We highly suggest giving your team members access to Xplor Growth. The more people who can access the product, the more often it is utilized, making it most beneficial for your business.

Learn more about adding users to your account here!

User Groups

User Groups provide an easy way for you to group your team members. For example, it could be beneficial to set up a "Front Desk" user group, so that tasks can be assigned to the front desk staff as a whole vs. one individual team member.

Learn more about creating user groups here!


Your sending profile and footer are key, client-facing aspects that show on any email you send. This information is part of your brand - it lets your audience know who the email is coming from and allows them to reply as needed.

Learn more about setting the right email settings here!

Landing Pages

To use Landing Pages, you must first complete the landing page settings. This is where you can indicate what currency the cart will be displayed in and add important contact information that will appear at the bottom of the landing page should your clients need assistance when checking out.

*Note: This only needs to be set up in the franchisee account, not the HQ.

Learn more about landing page settings here!

User Profile

Each teammate, or user, within the account should be managing their user profile individually. The User Profile allows you to change your password or turn on account notifications.

Learn more about landing page settings here!

Reconciling Subscription Preferences from Previous Marketing Platform

Xplor Growth will automatically sync the subscription preferences of your clients from your booking software. However, these preferences may ultimately differ from the preferences of these contacts in your previous marketing platform.

To ensure that client subscription preferences within Xplor Growth align with their preferences within your most recent marketing platform, you may want to reconcile these preferences by taking the following steps:

Reconciling Subscribed Contacts

  • Hop into your previous email marketing platform and export your subscribed contacts. Please ensure the export is converted/saved as a CSV file.

  • Navigate to Contacts > click Add Contacts in the top-right > Upload CSV.

Reconciling Unsubscribed Contacts

  • Hop into your previous email marketing platform and export your unsubscribed contacts. Please ensure the export is converted/saved as a CSV file.

  • Within Xplor Growth, navigate to Contacts > click Unsubscribe Contacts in the top-right > Upload CSV.

This process ensures you accurately contact those that are subscribed per your most recent marketing platform.

Franchise Merge Tags

Franchise merge tags can be a useful feature for HQ when creating campaigns and emails that need to reference location-specific information.

For example, if there is content that is franchisee-specific (company name, owner name, schedule URL, etc.) you can create a merge tag in the HQ account for that value. That way, when an email is created in HQ and shared with all franchisees that reads something like “Thank you so much for taking your first class at [%location_name%]” the location name will automatically be pulled from that specific franchisee's merge tag value.

Learn more about setting up franchise merge tags here!

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