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Setting up a Xplor Growth HQ Site
Setting up a Xplor Growth HQ Site

Ensure your HQ site is set up for success!

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While your franchisees are getting their account set up, the HQ account will also need to be created and built out!

To get started, sign in with your Email Address & Password. You should have been prompted to create this via email.

Then, navigate to your business name in the top-right and click Settings.

Team Members

When a new team member is added to an HQ account, they will automatically have permission to access ALL of your Franchisee/Child accounts as well. For more help on how to add Team Members to your account, please refer to the article here.

In regards to the HQ site, only add team members who will need to create marketing initiatives at scale. This includes auto-campaigns and scheduled emails that are going to be pushed to and sent from all of the franchisee accounts. It is not recommended that individual franchisee owners/partners are added to the HQ site.

Company Brand

Your branding is important - it’s what makes your studio unique! Update your default branding to change your logo or pick new colors and fonts.

Learn more about branding settings here!

Franchise Merge Tags

Franchise merge tags can be a useful feature for HQ when creating campaigns and emails that need to reference location-specific information.

Learn more about creating franchise merge tags here!

HQ Waivers for Mariana Tek

Mariana Tek clients have the option to set a required waiver in Xplor Growth. This waiver is hosted, distributed, submitted, and stored through Xplor Growth, but can be marked as required, which results in a warning in MT when waiver is not submitted.

The waiver can be created and required at the HQ level. Then, each franchisee account will have its iteration of the waiver that is linked to the HQ waiver. Filling out a location-specific waiver will then count as filling out the HQ waiver.

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