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What to consider now that you have an HQ + Child account setup
What to consider now that you have an HQ + Child account setup

This article highlights important things to lookout for in your new account structure.

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Now that you are on what we refer to as the HQ + Child account structure, we wanted to highlight some key features to show how they work and how you can use them to make the transition smoother.

As a reminder, your HQ account is not connected to any location within Mariana Tek but rather can be used as a build account for automation and to send corporate emails. Each location within Mariana Tek now has its own location within Xplor Growth.

Merge tags

You may already utilize account merge tags for values such as sale page URLs that change regularly - they're essentially a piece of code that allows you to include dynamic, unique data in your marketing initiatives.

Now that you are on an HQ + Child account structure, you have access to Franchise Merge tags which can be created at the HQ level and synced into your Child Accounts.

These are particularly helpful in campaigns that use a landing page in which each location will have its own URL and thus you can use a merge tag to automatically populate the URL at the location level.

Any account merge tag you create will exist in that account only. If you're wanting to create a merge tag that can be used across all locations, you'll need to create a franchise merge tag at the HQ level to sync with your child accounts. You can see a step-by-step on how to do this here!

โ˜๏ธ Don't forget to populate the merge tag value in each child account!


You may have had a waiver in your old account - now that the structure of your accounts has changed, your waiver will need to be recreated in each child account.

It may have been a while since you've set up your waiver, so we've included some links below to our how-to articles below:

If you utilize waiver re-opening, you will need to create the email template in each child's account. To do this most effectively, follow this process:

  1. In your HQ account, create a Franchise Merge Tag for the waiver and sync franchise merge tags

  2. Navigate back to the HQ accounts calendar and create a new scheduled email.

  3. Choose your waiver email template

  4. Edit the button, directing the button link to the waiver merge tag you just set up under settings

  5. Save the email as a new template or override the original version.

  6. Navigate to the HQ account name in the top right corner, click, then choose Assets > Templates

  7. Click the Options Button beside the updated waiver template and choose 'Share with Franchisees'

  8. Now, this email template will be available in Franchise Shared templates in the child accounts!


The same conditions/rules will exist within your new HQ + Child Account structure, however, it's important to make note of a few and how they will operate now that you have more than 1 account. We've listed a few commonly used conditions below:

Milestone Visits - use this condition to enroll folks based on x number of visits across all locations.

Number of Visits - this condition will only consider visits taken at the location connected to the account. Visit history will sync to the contact profile in which the customer's home location is.

Has a Membership - when using this condition, it will only consider memberships made at the purchase location connected to the Xplor Growth account.

For a full list of Mariana Tek conditions and how they operate, please reference this article.


You may have used segments as a quick way to pull reporting of certain items like:

  • Folks who have x number of visits in the last 30 days

  • Membership holders

  • Credit Package users

While you can, and should, still utilize these key segments it is important to note that only contacts who exist in the account in which you're pulling the segment will appear and the overall segment numbers will be a bit less than what you saw in your old account structure.

A contact can exist in an Xplor Growth account 1 in two ways:

  • Their home location in Mariana Tek is the same as the XG account

  • They filled out a form or manually uploaded

It's important to note that a contact's activity (purchases, visits, reservations) from Mariana Tek will only sync to the location associated with their Mariana Tek home location.

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