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Single Account to HQ / Child Structure
Single Account to HQ / Child Structure

Complete this checklist of tasks after you've migrated to an HQ / Child account structure.

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Congrats on moving to an HQ/Child account structure! Below is a checklist of items to complete in order to setup your new child accounts.

As a reminder, your original account has now become your HQ account and contains the structure of your automations, email templates, etc. Each location has it's own child account and contacts are automatically synced from your Mariana Tek account to the child account corresponding to their home location.

Please Complete the Following Tasks:

  1. Team Members

    1. Team members who had access to your original account have access to HQ + both child accounts

    2. If applicable, add additional team members to the accounts they should gain access to.

  2. SMS Registration

    1. In each child account, navigate to settings > Twilio Compliance

    2. Complete each section of the form and submit.

    3. Each child account has its own SMS number, thus, it is required by Twilio that each 10 digit number utilized by businesses are registered.

  3. Add Verified Emails

    1. In each child account, navigate to settings > Emails

    2. Add any email addresses that you would like to send from in each account (i.e. [email protected])

  4. Add BrandBot Only Contacts / Leads

    1. Mariana Tek synced contacts will be removed from your original (HQ) account within a week of your migration

    2. Do not proceed with steps (c) through (i) until your MT contacts have been scrubbed. If you aren't sure if this has been completed, please reach out to [email protected].

    3. Any contacts remaining are Marketing Automation (BrandBot) only contacts and need to be uploaded to a designated child account.

    4. Remember, your HQ account should be your 'shell' account where you build automations, pushed corporate emails, and map data points.

    5. For the remaining contacts, navigate to contacts > segments

    6. Create a new segment and call it 'Email Unsubscribed Contacts'

    7. From the smart rules, add the condition 'is marked as unsubscribed to email', click save

    8. Create another segment and call it 'Email Subscribed Contacts'

    9. From the smart rules, add the condition 'is on a BrandBot segment', is not, 'Email Unsubscribed Contacts,' click save

    10. This is the segment you will export from HQ and re-upload to a child account of your choice / designation.

    11. Go to Options > Export

  5. BrandBot Forms (if applicable)

    1. If utilizing BrandBot forms, these will need to be recreated in each child account so that contacts are routed to a location account instead of being added to the HQ account.

    2. Further, if you are utilizing BrandBot forms for lead capture on external sources (i.e. your website, digital ads, flyers, etc.), you will need to recreate the forms in each child account and update these sources.

    3. Reference Article: How Do I Create a New Form?

  6. Waiver (if applicable)

    1. If you are utilizing BrandBot waivers, your waiver will need to be recreated in each child account.

    2. Further, if you have your waiver linked to Mariana Tek or utilize the waiver re-opening feature within the Livestream Manager, include these steps as part of your set up process.

    3. Reference Articles:

    4. BONUS: If you utilize waiver re-opening, you will need to create the email template in each child account. To do this most effectively, follow this process:

      1. In your HQ account, create a Franchise Merge Tag for the waiver and sync franchise merge tags

      2. Navigate back to the HQ accounts' calendar and create a new scheduled email.

      3. Choose your waiver email template

      4. Edit the button, directing the button link to the waiver merge tag you just set up under settings

      5. Save the email as a new template or override the original version.

      6. Navigate to the HQ account name in the top right corner, click, then choose Assets > Templates

      7. Click the Options Button beside the updated waiver template and choose 'Share with Franchisees'

      8. Now, this email template will be available in Franchise Shared templates in the child accounts!

  7. Segments

    1. Recreate your favorite / commonly used segments in each of your child accounts.

  8. Automations

    1. Now that your automations are in your HQ account, this is a good time to do any clean up / modifications / adjustments before syncing campaigns into your child accounts.

      1. Merge Tags

        1. The first recommendation / best practice is to look for any common URLs / text and create a merge tag for it.

        2. For example, your schedule page and buy page for location A and B are unique URLs. By using a merge tag, you can save the value for each location under the account settings. When you push the campaign to each account, the values (links) will be sent out with the email automatically.

        3. Further, should a URL ever change, you can simply update this in your account settings instead of having to skim through each and every email to switch the URL out.

        4. Reference Article: Merge Tags

      2. HQ Mapping

        1. Next, in your automations identify anywhere that Memberships, Credits, Class Types or Tags are utilized in your entry or goal conditions.

        2. Mapping allows you to create HQ Memberships, Credits, Class Types and Tags and then associate the equivalent child account data point to each, making syncing and set up a more seamless process.

        3. Reference Article: HQ Mapping

    2. Once you've completed optimization by mapping and/or adding merge tags, you're ready to sync your campaigns to the child accounts!

    3. If you utilize landing pages or forms as part of your automations, those will need to be created at the account level.

  9. Pushed Corporate Emails

    1. Ready to send an email to all locations / clients? Create a pushed corporate email from HQ!

      1. Note:

        1. If 'editable' is checked when the email is pushed to a child account, you will need to go into the child account and mark it as 'ready to be sent.'

        2. If 'editable' is not checked when the email is pushed to a child account, the email will automatically be marked as 'ready to be sent.'

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